Change of Email Addresses

  • Friday, 14th July, 2023
  • 14:04pm

Our email addresses will change after our migration to a new Data Center and a new domain during July 2023.

You are probably already aware that we are moving our Web Hosting services from to, more specifically to

Although our old email addresses will continue to work for at least 3 months after the migration to the new domain, our new email addresses at the (dot) Africa domain are already working and we would like to encourage you to start using the new domain as soon as possible.

We also implemented a few changes to ensure that you, our valued customer, will always enjoy the best privacy available anywhere on the internet; and that you will also receive the necessary priority attention you deserve.

We previously terminated our Gmail accounts to provide our customers with better privacy during December 2021.  If you setup your email client software on any device with the secure setting options we provide, not even big tech companies or governments will be able to intercept any email between you and us.

We use the same level of encryption and security as the banking industry.  Furthermore we do not harvest your metadata, track or trace you anywhere on the internet like big tech and governments do.


Our automated Billing System, Domain Registration System, Customer Support Desk and Technical Services use different email addresses to record specific actions and responses.  That is to improve our responses to customer requests.

Please do not reply to system generated emails as our automated systems to not accept emails from outside the system for security purposes; rather use the email address as indicated inside the email to you.

Furthermore note the following:

•    Please login to your account and use our system to receive priority attention.  You can access all your products, services and our departments from within your main account.
•    Messages via social networks and messaging services like Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram, etc., will only receive attention when the specific network or service is actively monitored by us.  We do not control such services and cannot assure you that your message will be received, and neither do we know how these networks and services may use your message or other data they collect about you.


The following email address are published publicly and may be used as specified:

•    General Messages: general(@)
•    Sales Enquiries: enquiries(@)

These changes became necessary when it became evident that some corporations, big tech and governments collude to abuse the information they have on people, to sensor the internet and deprive people of their liberties and privacy.  Furthermore it was and always is our desire to put our customers first on our list of priorities.

Please update your records to ensure that we receive your emails at the appropriate department.

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