Great News - Reduced Prices on Higher End Hosting

  • Thursday, 20th July, 2023
  • 17:17pm

AmpleTech is proud of the fact that we never increased prices on our hosting products since 2013.

Now, a decade later while prices of many products are skyrocketing, we are slicing the prices of our higher end products; that is the B2 Silver Hosting Package and B3 Gold Hosting Package.

1.  The B2 Silver Hosting Package is reduced from R199.90 to R174.90 per month, and
2.  The B3 Gold Hosting Package is reduced from R369.90 to R249.90.

That is a whopping 48% reduction on the B3 Gold Hosting Package. This comes at a time when our previous Data Centre increased their prices by 92% over the past 12 months. It was this massive price increase by our previous Data Centre that sparked the recent migration of our hosting services to a new Data Centre.

The biggest advantage for our customers is that they can now host more and larger websites within their hosting spaces by upgrading more cost-effectively. We care about every individual customer and are just excited as they when growth is experienced; and we want to be there to pave the way to new heights.

Our goal is to lockdown our prices for customers at the entry price level when they join our hosting services, without ever increasing the entry price point. Although our prices may increase over time as result of inflation, new prices should only affect new customers and not our existing customers.

Prices for domain registrations and renewals are however determined annually by the respective registrars, and that is out of our control.

Customers can help us to remain cost-effective by spreading the word about AmpleTech. That will enable us to remain competitive with stable price structures despite global market movements, and that in turn will benefit our existing customers. Who knows, we may even reduce our prices further as we grow.

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