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We use a fully automated Web Hosting Management and Control System (WHMCS) to ensure that our customers receive timeous notifications about their services.  The system handles all messages, service orders, trouble tickets, billing, payments and service deliveries by securely connecting to external payment systems, banks, domain registrars, data centres where web hosting servers are located and other 3rd party services like secure sockets layer (SSL) certificate providers, site builders, malware scanners, cloud caching services, etc.  All data are encrypted using the same encryption technologies as the banks to connect between data centres and the various service providers.

For security reasons, the system do not accept emails from outside sources. Please do not respond to emails send by the system (eg. invoices, payment reminders, domain renewal notifications, etc.). You must be logged-in to your hosting account to interact with the system or to communicate via the system. Please use email addresses as indicated inside notifications if you wish to correspond with us from outside the system.

Any irregular actions will automatically lock you out of the system (eg. malware running on your computer or mobile phone) and your IP address will be barred from accessing the system again for a limited time period.

All our services are prepaid as we have to pay 3rd party providers when we order a product or service on your behalf. We expect our customers to settle their accounts on or before the invoice due date.


For security reasons, we do not allow access to our online billing and payment systems before a product or service is ordered and a payment is received.  We also vet new customers in an effort to avoid malicious activities by criminal gangs and do not host any phishing, spam or fraudulent operations. Our passion is to help and host honest businesses, entrepreneurs, organisations and individuals to achieve their goals and we welcome freedom of speech and expression in a decent society.

During the first month, customers will only be billed from the time an order is placed until the end of the month.  If an order is placed after the 20th day of a month, the next month will be added to the initial order.  Thereafter customers are billed per month from the 1st day to the last day of the month.

Customers will receive invoices seven (7) days before the hosting subscription renewal date.  Customers paying by bank transfer, should initiate payments two (2) days before the due date to ensure that we receive their payments by the due date.

Daily payment reminders are sent by email from one (1) day before the payment due date until the 4th day after the payment due date.  Unpaid services are automatically suspended by the billing and payment system from the 5th day after the payment due date.  Account managers can manually override the payment due date to avoid a service suspension when necessary and requested by a customer.

Since bank transfers can take up to three (3) days before it shows in our bank account, we allow a four (4) day grace period after the payment due date.  Payments at the end of the grace period may however result in an automated service suspension if a proof of payment is not received before the transaction reflects in our bank account.

To avoid an automated service suspension, several options are available:

  • Ensure that we receive a valid proof of payment before the 3rd day after the payment due date,
  • A monthly subscription option is available to enable customers to make fixed monthly payments from a specified bank card,
  • Customers can also pay in advance by depositing funds into their hosting accounts.  The billing and payment system will first take payments from the balance in the account and adjust the due payment accordingly whenever a new invoice is generated.  Payments in advance are limited as we do not provide any banking services and we do not allow any withdrawals from deposited funds.  Such funds can only be used to pay for our products or services.

If you are unable to provide us with a valid proof of payment before the 3rd day after a payment due date, you should contact an account manager for alternative arrangements and to avoid administration fees.


Payments cannot be recorded on the billing and payment system without a valid proof of payment.  Valid proof of payments includes the following:

  • a proof of payment received from the customer’s bank,
  • the payment is confirmed in our bank, crypto or payment processor accounts.

If you pay your bill via the online billing and payment system, the payment will be recorded automatically.

If you pay outside the online billing and payment system, e.g., bank transfer or cash payment, the payment must be record manually by an account manager.  In order to do that, a proof of payment is required and therefore it is advisable to send a payment notification from your bank account to the email address indicated on your invoice at the time when you do the transaction.

If a payment was made outside the online billing and payment system and if we do not receive a proof of payment, an account manager must search for it and must often contact the customer.  That is why an administration fee is added on the 4th day after the payment due date to cover phone calls and other administrative expenses.

Administration fees can easily be avoided by timeous payments or by sending a proof of payment from your bank before the 3rd day after a payment due date.

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