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You can access your hosting account at

At the top right, click "Account" and then "Login".

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If you forgot your account password, click "Forgot Password". An email will then be send to your email address with a temporary link where you can reset your password. You can only reset your hosting account password from the registered email address we have on file. That is why it is important for the Account Owner to confirm his/her email address.

Forgot Password

NB: Please note that our support personnel do not need your password to assist you and will never ask for it. Your hosting account password belongs to you personally and you are the only person who controls it and who is responsible for actions initiated via your hosting account.


The very first thing every hosting Account Owner should do, is to confirm his/her email address. This is to ensure that there are no spelling mistakes in the email address and that there are no issues to deliver an email. Please whitelist our email addresses in your mailbox to ensure that our emails are not blocked by spam filters that you may have activated on your mailbox.

An email address confirmation email is send to you as a first priority when you create an account with us, or if we create an account for you. The confirmation link in this email will only be valid for 60 minutes. If you do not confirm your email address within the time limit, there will be an indication inside your account console to indicate that you have not confirmed your email address. Use the link provided in your account to resend the email confirmation email, and then confirm your email address via the link provided in the email that you receive.


There is no reason whatsoever to share your hosting account password with anyone else, nor to use another person's email address for the Account Owner. The Account Owner can nominate someone else to receive account notifications on his/her behalf by registering additional contact persons and by setting notification preferences.

Please note that some of the links on this page will only work after you have signed in to your account.

Contact Registration

The Account Owner is the only person whose instructions we will obey when changes to an account is requested.

Never lose control over your account or domains. Online property can be worth a substantial amount, especially if you own a prime domain or a domain with years of history.


You can access all hosted services from within your hosting account.

  1. If you wish to gain access to your cPanel, Webmail or other hosted services, go to the Product Details Page where you will find shortcuts to all the prominent facilities.
  2. If you wish to manage the domains that you registered or transferred to us, go to the My Domains Page where you manage all aspects concerning your domains.

You should also receive an email with all the relevant login and other information whenever you order a new product or service from us. If necessary, you can print the applicable information from your computer to store in a safe place.


Please ensure that you use strong passwords for your hosting accounts. Computing power have increased drastically over the past few years, making it much easier for hackers to crack passwords. We strongly recommend using a password generator to generate strong and unique passwords for all your internet accounts. Several open source password managers with password generators are available to manage your passwords.

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